A Cute Dog Or Tiny Ewok…You Decide…This is CUTE!


Meet Munchkin – the teddy bear puppy!  I was first exposed to this cute “Furball” on Youtube when my sister first showed me the video of him walking on a treadmill.  At first I thought… Hey that’s an Ewok… but quickly saw that gag…the costume.  And I smiled.

So one of my first thoughts were, “Hey is that responsible dog ownership…dressing your little guy up in an Ewok costume?”.  Apparently some think it’s not and have blasted social media with all kinds of animal abuse claims and such.  I did check out the comments from the people who shot the video and they said, “No overheating or her, the A/C was on and she walked at a slow pace for a short time.  Plus her suit is thin/light and only covers the front of her not her whole body.” So sounds like they are on top of it.

Would you dress your dog up like this? The jury is out in this house-hold.  My kids keep asking me to put silly things on our little dog (Bear) but I’m the mean Mom I guess!  Who knows maybe someday I’ll make a cute Ewok costume or perhaps a unicorn outfit!

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Video Courtesy: YouTube Channel of Munchkin the Teddy Bear

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