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Dog Goes CRAZY With A Room Full Of Balloons… So Funny!

Simon the Dog just LOVES balloons! He can’t help but get excited when he sees these colorful latex orbs! But what will happen if you give this dog a room full of balloons? This video below shows you what he does! Trust me I held my breath until the video was finished!!

So, he just pops them! LoL! I guess he loves the loud popping sound the balloons make when they burst! And if we got the count right, he popped 74 balloons in 57 seconds! Well done Simon!

Clearly when it’s Simon The Dog VS Balloons…. Simon Wins!

I don’t know why this video reminds me of popping bubble wraps, I just can’t stop myself from popping bubble wraps whenever I see them! Do you guys also do that?

Tell us what your dog does when he sees balloons! Shoot a video and share with us! And Don’t Forget to Share this video with your friends who love cute dogs!


Source of the Video: Youtube User – kbad73


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