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Is The Tiger Eating The Dog? Or Is The Dog Eating The Tiger?

Bengal Tigers – Fierce predators… Jack Russell Terrier – Just the cutest dogs ever! Now, what will happen if these two encounter each other? Will the Tiger eat the dog? Kill it? Can the dog be able to protect itself from a giant 200 pound Bengal tiger? Or will it make the tiger its play buddy? Watch the video below to find out, This will BLOW your mind!

The Fernandez family adopted Panjo – The Bengal Tiger when he was just a tiger cub! Without an actual tiger mother to look after him, they were a bit worried! Until their family Jack Russell Terrier dog took over the parenting duties! Now, This tiger and the Dog, they are simply the best of friends!

Did you watch them playing and fooling around, having a good time? Wow… this really amazes me how powerful a bond these creatures can share with each other! Its just MAGICAL!

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Video Source: Youtube Channel — BarCroft TV


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