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Dog Goes NUTS Over A NUT. – Hilarious!

We all love our adorable little dog companions… and who doesn’t love to give delicious treats to their precious dogs every now and then, right! But what happens when your adorable little dog goes GAGA over a couple of hazelnuts? Watch the video below to see for yourself! Be advised, This will make you Laugh out Loud!

See how excited he was? It was as if he just got his Christmas presents and can’t figure out what to do with them! These adorable reactions, well… they just force us to love them even more!

But please keep in mind, Dogs unlike us can’t digest all kinds of nuts… Treating your pet with nuts every now and then is alright IF you know it doesn’t have any side effects. Cause nuts can be a danger to your precious pet dog and “Toxic Poisoning and Upset Stomach” can be a Common Symptom for that. And you being a dog owner definitely don’t want that to happen! This article here points out which nuts to avoid, so do check it out! 

Let us know what treats you give to your dogs and what their reaction is! We’d love to know more!

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Source: Youtube channel– FunFunnyComic

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