Can Nuts POISON Your Dog? You NEED To Know This If You Are A Dog Owner!

All dog owners have a list of “DO NOT EAT” items on their lists when it comes to picking the best meal for your dogs! Some foods will give them an upset stomach… Some can even poison them! Now, there’s one more food item you might consider adding in your new and improved “DO NOT EAT” items list (thanks to us! :P)… That is NUTS!

So, Dog owners, Please beware of rewarding your four-legged companion with a variety of salty treats in the form of nuts. Not all of them are harmful, definitely not, but some of them can cause toxic poisonings, an upset stomach or an obstruction in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract! And we all know these can lead to an emergency life-saving surgery and unexpected veterinary expenses. The cost to treat walnut poisoning could go up as high as $350 to $500! And the average cost to treat an upset stomach could be anywhere around $200-$250! Not to mention all the pain your lovable dog has to go through!


So, to ensure your pets’ complete safety, make sure to keep the nuts listed on the next page, way out of your dogs reach!

Continue to the next page to find out what other nuts to avoid!

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