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Dog Teaches A Baby To Jump – Wait Till You See What Happens At The End!

Dogs are simply amazing.  They teach us things every day.  Dakota and Alexis… Alexis and Dakota… Two best friends, inseparable from the first time they met! One is a 1 year old girl and the other a red and white Border Collie! And their friendship takes a new turn when Dakota tries to teach Baby Alexis how to jump! Or maybe Ally(Alexis) was trying to teach Day(Dakota) how to jump! Well, you decide!  This video is just hilarious and kept me grinning from ear to ear.

So, the mom Sabrina Sauve figured out the secret recipe to the cutest and funniest video ever… Ally was learning the jolly jumper, and Day always had this thing for shadows! And what happens when you put them together? 58 seconds of pure unadulterated fun!

Ally was having fun as well watching Day jump on and off her shadows like it was something she could catch, giggling all the way through and trying to jump even higher… and maybe that served to reinforce Day to jump with even more enthusiasm!

The video has been watched more than 6.6 million times on YouTube since it’s been uploaded. With comments like,

“Love them both!”

“I have a feeling these two will be friends forever”

“I think the dog just wants to get through the door, but a baby happens to be in its way.”

But the best one…

“Dog + Baby = YouTube jackpot”

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