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Guilty Dogs Video Compilation… Your Heart Will Melt After Watching This!

No matter how well you’ve trained your dogs, Sometimes they’ll be naughty if they get the chance. But they forget to clean up after creating a mess… so the naughty dog gets caught! And what does a naughty dog do after getting caught? He makes his famous guilty face to say sorry! This video compilation below will melt your heart… watch the guilty dogs video compilation below…

You’ll notice one common theme in every clip of the video… the dog does something naughty, he gets caught, then he makes his guilty face and shies away from eye contact… and then he either runs away or lies down on the ground in submission! My dogs do the exact same thing when they’re naughty! I guess that’s universal dog characteristics!

But the video in the end is something new… that dog is walking too slowly to not attract any attention to him and get away… He’s displaying such behavior out of shame, and yet looked so cute!

Have you ever caught your dog while he’s being naughty? What did you do then? Let us know, leave a comment!

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Video Source: YouTube


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