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Naughty Dog Caught In The Act… You Will Laugh When You See What He Does Next!

Gnarly and Kacy the cute little Maltese dogs were in the living room alone when their human noticed something unusual. He found Kleenex strewn all over the floor! So, he asks point blank which one of them did it. Neither said a word, but the culprit still got caught. Watch the hilarious video below to find out how…

I laughed so hard at this! Poor Kacy literally got caught red-handed! She was trying to get the last tissue in the box and got her head stuck too deep inside the box! Ahh, sometimes you get away with your naughty acts… and sometimes you don’t, and this was one of those times! But I sure am glad it was caught on tape… because this just made my day!

Have you ever caught your dog while they’re being naughty? What do you do then? Let us know, leave a comment down below!

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Video Courtesy: YouTube


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