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He Was Injured In An Accident… What This Dog Did To Save His Life Is A Miracle.


Our beloved and loyal pet dogs stay beside us through all the good times and bad times. But it is when we are in serious trouble do we realize how faithful and loving our pet dogs can be. John Miles was taking a walk down the road with his dog Lucy – the husky-beagle mix when they both got hit by a speeding car. Severely injured Miles was in the streets, and unconscious with no one there to help him. Lucy was also injured, but yet how she managed to save her owners life is truly in one word – AMAZING! Watch the full story in the video below…

It’s unbelievable to see how the dog saved the life of her owner even when she herself was injured with a broken leg. After the accident, she came back with help for her owner and was even crying for him. It goes to show they truly are a member of our family and just as any loved one would do, she tried her best to save her owner. Time and again we see our dogs trying to protect us, but even at the face of such tragic accident that hurts them as well, they never abandon us. It’s no surprise why dogs are our best friends… And this heroic dog proves just that.

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Video Courtesy: YouTube