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Things To Consider Before Adopting A Dachshund!


Dachshunds can be wonderful pets. They can be lovely and extremely faithful pets. But they are not suitable for every household. These dogs possess some certain characteristics that make them suitable for certain households. We’ve identified some crucial points thanks to the good people at If you’re thinking whether or not you should get a pet Dachshund for your family, Read this article to decide if it’s a good fit for you.

Dachshunds are very playful. But they are a little stubborn. They need proper training or they can go out of control. You need to be persistent and provide the proper obedience training to them. All you need is good will to make the pet perfect for your family. You also need to be careful to maintain their health. Due to having a long body with short legs, they require some special care than other dogs. So you must make sure they do not jump much and hurt themselves. Also keep an eye on them when they play with kids, kids might accidentally hurt them, so keep a watch on their fragile spine and make the kids learn how to properly handle a Dachshund. If they become obese it may put pressure on their back too. So be CAREFUL.

They are very social and need to train everyday… so they need your company a lot! Ohh, this cute canine runs really fast. But they do not need high intensity exercises. If you want them to have a leash you must make it light. It can bark at almost everything happening around him. May be the footsteps of people or even the sound of leaves falling! Don’t worry, it’s their nature to be territorial.

Yes, they love being complemented. They love being pampered. They are not such dogs which can stay alone for a long time. This little cute dog is a great digger. They may dig fences, beds or even your carpets. So prepare for it!  When you will keep them with children, make sure your dog is well acquainted with them. They are also not aware of their size and can be very territorial around other dogs and try to take on bigger dogs to protect you or their territory, sometimes with tragic consequences. So you need to socialize them with other dogs from the beginning.

I’m sure they can be an excellent member of your family. But if you can’t be there all the time for them, then it’s better not to get a Dachshund. They are not meant to be your backyard dogs; instead if you’re looking for a dog to accompany you all the time and be your lap dog, then a Dachshund might just be the perfect one for you! This very social animal will teach you to be active and jolly at the same time. I am looking forward to get a Dachshund. Are you? Please comment and let us know!

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