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Hope for Paws was AMAZED at how this Dog Reacted to Being Saved

Hope for Paws have given us so many great stories about dog rescue. They have saved thousands of dogs from the streets and brought them to loving homes.

We have another amazing story for you from Hope for Paws. Even the rescuers were surprised how it turned out.

They received a call about a homeless dog living near a mechanic shop in downtown Los Angeles. They immediately stepped into action, as they always do.

Lisa Arturo and her co-worker drove around until they found the poor dog. The dog was obviously apprehensive at first, but they kept giving him treats until he relaxed.

Once he was relaxed, he immediately came towards them. They said it was definitely the easiest rescue mission they had ever done. The dog was so happy to go with them.

They named this gentle rescue dog Brutus. He began to cuddle and kiss his rescuers, even though he was just on the streets.

Please share this to spread the word about this great organization out of LA who save so many dogs.

Source: This Pit Bull rescue is different than any other rescue you have seen so far! by HopeForPaws

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