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Pit Bull Helps Save Starving German Shepherd

No Kill Kern is a rescue organization that was based out of Bakersfield, CA. They received a call one day about a German Shepherd starving to death in a field.

They went into action, and brought with them a vital tool: Lucy the Pitbull. Lucy helped No Kill Kern with rescue missions.

When they arrived at the field, Lucy found the German Shepherd. Unfortunately, the dog was too scared to approach them. They tried, and kept trying, but they couldn’t get the starving dog to come to them.

They finally decided to lay a trap for the dog, a crate with food inside to lure the dog in.

They checked the trap later and fortunately it had worked. They decided to name her Queen. When they brought her back to shelter she was greeted with toys, love, and food. She was very happy to finally be someplace safe.

Source: Heroic Pit Bull Saves Dying Dog From Starvation by NoKillKern

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