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In Just 23 Seconds, This Puppy Will Grow Into An Adult…

23 seconds

Time goes by so fast! One day you bring in a cute little puppy, and before you know, years pass and your puppy turns into a big dog! So, YouTube user Greg Coffin decided to record this unique video of his Rhodesian Ridgeback dog Sophia that will show you just how much change a few years can bring. Greg took photos of Sophia since he brought her home as a 2 month old puppy until she is 3 years old, then he compiled all the photos into a 23 seconds time-lapse video… the result is simply amazing! Watch the video below and get your mind blown…

It was fun watching her grow, wasn’t it? Now I want to shoot a time-lapse video of my puppies, let’s see how it turns out. But I guess the most challenging part is to make them sit still for the photos to be taken. Even though it will require a lot of time and effort from my end, I’m sure the end result will be just as awesome as this video! Will you also do the same? Let us know!

And What did you think of Sophia’s growing up captured in this 23 second video? Let us know in the comments section if you think it was an ingenious way of capturing your beloved dogs growing up!

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Video Source – YouTube Channel of Greg Coffin

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