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This Cute Little Dachshund Is So Happy! Wait Till You Find Out Why!


Mr. Pepper the cute little Dachshund is the happiest dog ever! Why you ask? Well, he was finally given the permission to get on his owners bed… and he can’t be any happier! Watch how he reacts when he gets on the bed, you won’t be able to hold your smile back! This is just too cute! Watch the video below…

Dachshunds are just the cutest dog ever, aren’t they? And in this video in particular, Mr. Pepper just stole my heart! I couldn’t hold my grin when I saw Mr. Pepper’s victory laps! One thing’s for sure, Happiness is indeed contagious! I could watch this all day with a smile on my face! YouTube user “CaffineJedi” thinks the same, she commented on the video,

“These 28 seconds saved me from a very depressed evening”

Well, I can bet you aren’t the only one!

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Have a HAPPY day!


Video Source — YouTube Channel: Always Hungry Cat

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