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Landlady Rents ONLY to Pet Owners

If you own a pet, you know how difficult it can be to find a place to rent. Most places don’t accept pets. If they do, there are additional fees to have a pet. Sometimes there are restrictions on breed and size. But there is one landlady in Los Angeles that will only rent to people with pets.

Judy Guth, the owner, doesn’t care if someone is the perfect renter, if you don’t own a pet you can’t get an apartment.


Guth’s tenants have lived in her 12-unit apartment building for over ten years. If any of their pets ever die, Guth takes them to the shelter to get a new animal.

If there are no pets, the tenant has to move out. That’s really the only rule.

“My experience has told me you get people with a lot of love in their hearts when you get pet owners,” said Guth.

According to Guth, pet owners move less often and pay on time. For her, only renting to pet owners is a no-brainer.

“I’ve talked to other rental property owners about it, but they just laugh,” she says. “They’re stupid. The only vacancies I’ve had are when people had to move because the economy forced them out of state for a job.”

pets okThink this is illegal? Nope. You see, pet ownership isn’t a protected class under the law.

Tenants are allowed to have up to two dogs or three cats. All animals must be current on their vaccinations and wear ID tags at all times. All pets are interviewed as part of the renting process. Dog tenants cannot be persistent barkers.

There are rarely vacancies, so good luck. We encourage more property owners to think like her.

Source: Life With Dogs

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