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Neglected And Abused Street Dog Saved By A Man… One Year Later, He Was Surprised!

Life is difficult for street dogs. With no one to care for them, their constant struggle for food, safety and a place to stay can sometimes be overwhelming and take a toll on their health. Miley was such a street dog… neglected and abused this street dog has lost all the hopes to live. But then she was rescued. We’ve previously shared her rescue video here, but now we’ll show you how changed she is after a year since her rescue… you’ll be surprised! Watch the video below…

This was a wonderful attempt of the organization ‘Hope for paws’. They rescued Miley from a garbage dump of Los Angeles. She was very sick… emaciated and plagued by diseases. She really wanted to be rescued!

With continuous treatment she gradually recovered and became absolutely perfect. A Chihuahua named Frankie was rescued from a tunnel and was given shelter too. Miley and Frankie became good friends and had a great time together. I was so happy to see such stray dogs getting shelter and finding a way to live. They never gave up, never lost hope… and soon after their rescue they were adopted by some kind souls who gave them a new home, and all the love and care they deserve.

Now, look at Miley one year later, you can hardly tell how awful she was just a year ago! She looks so graceful, so gorgeous! You see, our little concern can save their lives. We can save them and adopt them. These dogs can be truly our friends at difficult times. Our love can make their life beautiful. And their love can make ours. And this world is a better place because of these lovely creatures. Don’t you agree? Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of Eldad Hagar


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