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Baby Getting Nurtured By Dog… And He Wants More! This Is SOO CUTE!

If you’ve been one of those lucky people who raised a baby along with a dog, you’d probably know how awesome it is to watch your kids bond with the dogs. They become real friends, play buddies and the dog even starts nurturing the baby! This caring dog for instance can’t stop licking the baby. But when he does stop, the baby keeps coming back for more! This is SOO CUTE! Watch the full video below…

That is one wonderful friendship between a baby and a canine! The dog is so caring towards the little kid! Even when the kid accidently steps on him or even falls on him with his full weight, the dog doesn’t react at all… he just affectionately keeps on licking the baby to show his love! And the baby wants more!

But the babies should always be bathed after their encounter with a dog… having dogs in the house is greatly beneficial for the baby’s immune system, but bathing him after a play session with the dog is a good practice.

How did you feel after watching this video? Do you think your dog can be just as caring towards a baby? Let us know with your comments!

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Video Courtesy: YouTube


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