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This Police Dog Saved Many Lives…But What Just Happened To Him Was A Miracle!


This is the story of a brave dog and his reunion with his partner. Bruno the 7 year old Sable German Shepherd has been the partner of 6 year veteran of Anaheim Police Department R.J. Young; when they were on the middle of a gunfight, Bruno got hit by a bullet right across his face while chasing down a criminal. The brave dog didn’t even whimper and silently returned to the cop. He was then taken to the hospital immediately. After the surgery that took out the bullet from his lung and shattered jaw, he was finally reunited with his partner… and their reunion made me cry. Watch the amazing video below…

It’s amazing to see how strong a bond this dog shares with the cop. Officer Young’s wife says, this dog truly is the man’s best friend… he even spends more time with her husband than she can! Its expected that the dog will recover soon and Officer Young plans on adopting him then and bear all his medical expenses. Now, that’s a real friendship… one that lasts the test of time… one that lasts forever!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of ABC News

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