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Policeman Rescues A Dog Stuck In Fence… What The Dog Did Next Is Amazing!

Dogs are just smart.  Let’s face it.  As you will see in the video below, the particular dog who was stuck in the fence and super scared.  The police officer who is also a dog lover was able to rescue the dog and then took the time to follow-up on the condition of the dog after he ran away.  Where he ends up may surprise you!

I was totally surprised to see the dog sitting in the police car! WOW! He just knew that he had to be in the car to thank the police officer. He was like, “What took you so long?” LoL! Officer Nick Shepard did a really good thing there rescuing the poor dog from that fence. I wonder if he adopted the dog later? I would, after what the dog did, I would definitely adopt him!

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Source Video — YouTube

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