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Scooby The Great Dane Befriends A Baby… This Is So SWEET!


Words are not sufficient to say how dogs influence our lives. Every day they accompany us, love us and make us realize their importance. The video we are sharing today is about a Great Dane named Scooby. The relation of him with the smallest member of a family will simply melt your heart. Watch the sweet interaction between the dog and the baby in the video below…

Aww the baby loves his company! So does Scooby! The baby comes near the Dane and just shows him love by trying to touch him. And Scooby with his big eyes keeps watch on the little angel. Then comes Scooby’s turn. He cuddles with the baby. Their relation grows deeper. The baby will grow up with this amazing dog, playing with each other. Scooby with his playfulness and loyalty wins over the baby’s love. The father and the elder brother of the little angel is watching their exchange of love too!  What a lovable creature this great Dane is…

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of CutiesNFuzzies

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