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These Sweet Dogs Are Terrified Of Walking Past Cats… SO FUNNY!

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If you haven’t had a pet cat and dog in the same house, you have no idea how terrified the dogs can be of cats! I just laughed so hard seeing these cute dogs fearing the fluffy cats this much… They are too scared to even walk past the cats! This is soo funny… Watch the video below…

Ha ha, this was soo funny…..The video was just a pure entertainment but an eye opener for me. Naughty cats want to scare the dogs and just put the invisible notice in front of them like “Enter At Your Own Risk”. Then happens the expected thing. The poor dog just stands there helplessly and pray mercy from the little naughty cat. Aww sometimes the canine just want the cat to get little distracted and they just run into the room. Ohh you are thinking how to make your dog deal with such tantrums of the cat?? The cats and dogs are forever enemies, is the belief maximum people hold… But this is not true. They can be made good friends with a little effort from your end. Just keep a close eye on them for some days and try to make their relation easy. You can do it as they are your pet and they love you. After some days you will see they have become such good friends that they cannot live without seeing each other!

Have you had cats and dogs living under the same roof? How was your experience? Do let us know… leave your comments below…

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Video Source: YouTube

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