[VIDEO] This Brave Dog Protects A Little Girl From Her Mother


Many dogs try to protect humans from danger. This video is a wonderful demonstration of just that. The video shows two dogs trying to protect a toddler from a spanking from a woman supposedly her mother/caregiver. I need to warn you though, this video may not be easy for some to watch.

I really can’t figure out whether this video was staged or not. Because at some points of the video it seemed the woman was faking it all, maybe she shot this video purposefully to show everyone how protective their dogs are. I don’t know, whatever it is, it was quite disturbing for some to watch but it’s really good to see the dogs trying to protect that little girl. It shows how sensitive and caring our dog friends can be.

The video has gone viral in YouTube and has got about 2 million views. Here are some of the interesting comments from YouTube Users on that video—

“You can see that the dog doesn’t want to go against his owner. It’s almost like he’s pleading with her.. “Please don’t because if you do I’ll have to hurt you and I don’t want to do that, but I will if you hit that kid!” The kid screaming makes me think this has happened before in real life.”


“The universe will send us teachers from the most unexpected cases in order to prove that compassion and kinship indeed crosses the lines between nations, genders, social strata and biological genus. This is a reflection on the unbounded extent of dogs’ extraordinary instinct to protect the daughter without actually harming the older lady.”


“Amazing… A dog protects children, but a bunch of HUMANS in public if they saw that would assume it’s none of their business. Sometimes I wonder who the smartest species are.”

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Source of the video — Youtube

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