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This Dog Was Being Eaten By A Python…What His Owner Did Will Shock You!

…thankfully distracting it enough to let the dog get out of its coils. The dog was surely dead if it had to stay in the Pythons clutches for a moment longer… Pythons are known to constrict its prey, suffocate and kill them before consuming them. It’s nothing short of a miracle how the dog owner managed to free his pet from that gigantic 16 feet Python as he hit it with multiple times, and it slowly uncoiled and slithered away.

Local media suggested that the dog was fine after the terrible ordeal and suffered no lasting effects of the attack.

Watching this video makes me wonder, would I have been courageous enough to defend my pet from that scary Python? What if it attacked me then? Just the thought of that makes chills go down my spine!

What would you do in such a situation? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Source — Youtube

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144 replies on “This Dog Was Being Eaten By A Python…What His Owner Did Will Shock You!”

Hey I love Dogs…. This is a shity video…. Why would you post this… Nothing spectacular about it.. The owner took his sweet ass time videoing it and not springing into action…. Not a dog lover at all…..Go home your stupid..

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