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This Pomeranian Dog May Just Be The CUTEST Dog Of All Time!


Smaller dogs are generally considered to be cute. But this Pomeranian dog named Boo is not only small but also exceeds everyone’s expectation of cute dogs! He is soooo cute, he simply redefines the definition of cute! You think we are overstating? Well, see for yourself! Watch Boo – The Cutest dog of all time in action in the video below…

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All dogs are beautiful if they are kept happy and healthy by their owners! But little Boo just blows all the competition and wins the title of the cutest dog without a shadow of doubt! This video captured so many wonderful moments of this cute little dog, I could watch it over and over again, without ever getting bored!

I wish I had a dog like him! But that would be very unproductive of me, because it would be too hard to leave this cutesy alone and go to work… I would play with him and cuddle with him all day!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of Boo

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