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10 Naughty Dogs – You Will Crack Up When You Find Out What They Did!

Just like people, dogs can be very naughty and down right up to no good!  The following 10 dogs have been busted by their families and had to tell the world with they did.  These naughty dogs have done everything from eating couches to decapitating statues!  These are so hilarious and we want to thank  the guys at for posting these.

#1 – Bible eating


#2 – This dog thinks he is a baker


#3 – Decapitation Alert!


#4 – What would Buddha think?


#5 – This one needs the 12 step program


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9 replies on “10 Naughty Dogs – You Will Crack Up When You Find Out What They Did!”

Dogs will be dogs… but the unconditional love they show their humans is worth it! Our dogs favorite… rolling in some dead animal in the “back 40” the very moment after we have given them a bath… lol, lol they do it every time. No “Fru-Fru” for our farm dogs.

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