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Rescuers Receive Call About Severely Neglected Dog, They Soon Realize It’s Not A Dog At All

“Usually we rescue dogs, but this time, I am pretty sure that we rescued a wolf-hybrid!!” says Eldad Hagar, one of the rescuers, on his flickr account. As they approached, they could see this animal was more wolf than dog. They named her Julia. “Julia had an old rope tied to her which indicates to […]

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A Cute Dog Or Tiny Ewok…You Decide…This is CUTE!

  Meet Munchkin – the teddy bear puppy!  I was first exposed to this cute “Furball” on Youtube when my sister first showed me the video of him walking on a treadmill.  At first I thought… Hey that’s an Ewok… but quickly saw that gag…the costume.  And I smiled. So one of my first thoughts […]

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23 Things Your Dog Does When You Are Away… HILARIOUS!

Dogs have been our faithful companions for thousands of years! From the time of our great ancestors till now, we find them giving us company as well as protecting us from danger. But when we are not home, what do they do? Guard our house? Sleep? Empty the refrigerator? Well, our friends at the […]

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Why Do Dogs Run Away? You Need To Know This If You’re A Dog Owner!

We all know that feeling of coming home and finding that your dog is not there. You look in the backyard and there is a dog sized hole under the fence. Your heart drops to your stomach as you begin looking for your dog. Hopefully you find them again, but why would they run away […]

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Owner Grants A Dying Dog’s Lifelong Wish

My heart is touched when I hear a story like this.  Sunshade, a 13-year old dog was diagnosed with cancer.  Her owner wanted to give her the best memories in the final few months of her life and decided to grant her wish to have a guinea pig.  Yes you heard me right…a guinea pig. […]

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Watch This Pit Bull Dog Interrupt A Live Weather Report!

This Pit Bull decided he wanted his one minute of fame when he jumped onto the set during a local newscast while the weatherman was on live TV.  The Pit named King was to be featured on the next segment of the show but just couldn’t wait and jumped into the arms of the meteorologist […]

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D13 Amazing Video Of Two Dogs Eating Dinner Just Like Human

Dogs Dinning In A Busy Restaurant

Sometimes we teach our dogs tricks that are way beyond their normal capabilities… And sometimes we make them do interesting stuffs for a good laugh. So, what happens if two dogs are coupled together and sent out to dine at a restaurant just like a human? Well, trust me on this, when you see this […]

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[VIDEO] How A Pair Of 3D Printed Legs Saved The Dog’s Life!

Derby is a sweet and playful dog… but he was born with a disability… his front legs were underdeveloped. He couldn’t run like other dogs could, he could move about on his own but the disability was too much of an obstacle for him to lead a normal life. His original owners decided to get […]

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Why This Dog IS Getting A Haircut Is Simply Hilarious!

Researchers say dogs are as smart as a 2-year old human baby. And almost all 2 year old babies are restless and can’t stand still while getting a haircut… So should a dog, right? But this poodle puppy isn’t… watch how he gets a haircut like a BOSS in the video below… This is so […]

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First Ever Pit Bull-Dachshund Mix Is Something You’ve Never Seen Before!

After seeing the Pit bull-Dachshund mix now I can say I’ve seen it all! “Rami” the Pit bull-Dachshund mix has recently took the internet world by storm when his pictures were first published by the Humane Society of Georgia. This Mutt has been blessed with his adorable features due to having a Pit Bull mom […]

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