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15 Useful Tips That Every Dog Owner Should Know

Useful Dog Tips

So how are you doing so far with the Dog Tips?  Are you leaning anything?  Please comment below if you have.  Here are the final 5:

11. I have a dog that used to love to dig. When I’d fill the hole and re-seed, he’d just dig it up again. One day I was watching him wander around the yard, and I noticed he took extra care not to step in his droppings. So, the next time I filled up a hole, I buried a little dung at the bottom and left some dung on top. He avoided the freshly-seeded grass, and his droppings made excellent fertilizer. This won’t work for all dogs…I also have another dog that loves to dig. This trick does not work on her, as she does not care where she steps.
Please note: the feces of dogs or any other meat-eating animal are NOT SAFE to use as fertilizer on plants that will be eaten by people, such as veggies, fruits or herbs. The feces can spread disease, even if it comes from a healthy dog.

12.  Is your dog digging? Try putting cayenne pepper in the holes—they don’t like the sensation when they go back to dig again.

13. Dog urination burns your lawn? Try giving them some tomato juice every day (either in a bowl or on their food) and it should solve the problem.

14. After soaking up the majority of urine or picking up the poop, baby wipes do a great job and pick up all smells with no stains left behind.

15. Male guide dogs always squat to urinate. This is so the handler can quickly determine whether the dog is urinating or defecating during potty breaks by feeling down the length of its back. This assists the handler in determining where the poop will land so they can clean up if the dog is hunched up to defecate..

If you learned from any of these tips today, please SHARE them with your family and friends who have dogs.

Photo and Story Source: Flikr and –  I encourage you to check them out here.  Awesome site.

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