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Brave Pit Bull Dog Sacrificed Her Leg To Save Her Owners!


Dogs prove time and again that they are truly a man’s best friend. This video shows you the story of this brave Pit Bull dog from Accomack County, Virginia. When four intruders entered their home while the parents and children were asleep, the dog woke up to help her family… but when one of the intruders fired off the shotgun at the father… the brave dog jumped between him and the muzzle and took the bullet on her right shoulder! The bullet shattered her shoulder and ripped the soft tissue from her front leg. After the intruders escaped, the dog was immediately rushed to the local vet clinic… doctors had to amputate her right leg in order to save her. Scroll down to watch her full story on the video below…

When the animal hospital posted the story on their Facebook page and asked their friends to send donations, Within days, all of the dog’s medical expenses had been covered. Now she is healthy and doing fine. The scar will always remain on her body, but what she did for the family also made her the lifesaving hero who will forever remain in their hearts.

What the dog did to save her family is simply amazing, don’t you think? Let us know in the comments section!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of GeoBeats News

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