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The Cutest Six-Pack You’ll Ever Meet… Poodle Pups Taking Bath!! This Is TOO CUTE!


Ohhh how I love dogs cannot be expressed in words…Their playfulness and love towards me brightens up my day every single time… And watching cute videos of adorable dogs just makes my day! So, I came across this video of a six-pack poodle pups bathing session… and this is too cute to handle! Poodle is one of the cutest lap dogs which you will surely want to keep as your pet…The video I am going to show you made me restless to find a poodle pup for me, seriously!! So, have a look…. Watch the video below…

Now, you believe me, right? Aren’t they soo adorable! This mother-children time was such loving one to see…Mother of the puppies is looking so elegant on her pink flowery hat…She is watching her children having bath… The elder puppy named Spud and youngest puppy Tater tot are having bath in the soapy water… Aww those little creatures are trying a bit to get out of the sink… May be a little confused… Thinking what’s going on?? The mother just cannot wait to show her love to them by licking their soggy bodies… Now finally the session completes… Wrapped in towel they look so calm and happy… Just loved it!! I am sure you loved it too, isn’t it? Aren’t they just the cutest six-pack you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of Animal Planet

3 replies on “The Cutest Six-Pack You’ll Ever Meet… Poodle Pups Taking Bath!! This Is TOO CUTE!”

my queensland heeler does not like baths but she presses herself up against the side of the tub closest to me and I just have to sit down at her level. My black lab doesn’t seem to like it either but she will at least sit in the water.

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