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See What Happens When This Doberman Sees A ‘Mini Plush’ Version Of Itself. – So FUNNY!

Doberman Dogs are widely recognized as one of the bravest dog breeds all around the world. BUT sometimes… they tend to disappoint! For instance, this Doberman puppy! What she did after she saw a plush dog move towards her will make you laugh out loud! This is Priceless!

Well, I actually feel kinda bad for Tessa the Doberman. The stuffed toy scared the soul outta her! And her owner was barking like a dog yet she didn’t realize that! Poor, Tessa… scared and all! Still… it was a fun video so who are we to complain, right! Keep more of ‘em coming!

I used to think Doberman dogs are very aggressive and ferocious! Then I heard from a friend of mine that this is simply a “Myth”. Further research online proved this to be true. In fact Doberman dogs are very friendly, faithful and obedient! Dog breeders and trainers have toned down their aggressiveness to such a level that now they serve very well as companion dogs and even safe to be around kids! And this video here confirmed that Doberman… well they aren’t as scary as I thought they were!

If you own a Doberman or know of one, please share your experience with us! Love to hear your thoughts!

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Source: Youtube Channel – TessatheDobie Dobie


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