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This Dog Doesn’t Want To Come Inside… Wait till you see what she does…


Has it ever happened to you, that you are asking your dog to come inside but it doesn’t want to? This video shows a Saint Bernard Dog named Emma who loves to spend time outdoors… and when her owner Eric Howe asked her to come inside, she did something that totally cracked me up! Watch what she did in the video below…

Saint Bernard dogs are famous for their huge size. They can go as high as 120 kilos! When Emma was called in, she laid down on her back, knowing it very well that her owner won’t be able to drag her inside! A very very smart dog she is… and cute as well!

Tell us what your dog does when asked to come inside… does it happily oblige? Or fool around like Emma? Leave a comment!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of Eric Howe

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