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Why This Dog IS Getting A Haircut Is Simply Hilarious!


Researchers say dogs are as smart as a 2-year old human baby. And almost all 2 year old babies are restless and can’t stand still while getting a haircut… So should a dog, right? But this poodle puppy isn’t… watch how he gets a haircut like a BOSS in the video below… This is so funny and cute!

This poodle pup is one classy dog I must admit… she knows she’s getting pampered and getting all the attention, so she’s basking in it! Most dogs tend to be restless when getting a haircut, my dogs don’t even want to be groomed sometimes! But I guess if you train them from very early on in life, they tend to be more acceptable towards handling haircuts. Then again, like humans, all dogs have a personality of their own… so it could depend on how your dog is.

So, tell us what your dog does when taking a haircut? Leave a comment below!

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Video Source: YouTube