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This Dog Refuses To Get Out Of The Car… The Reason Made Me Cry…


Dogs are our best friends… they love us unconditionally… even when we’re gone. This is the story of Wiggles, a dog who loves his deceased owner so much that he refuses to get out of the car his owner used to drive. Thanks to, we have found this story that’ll make you cry.

It has been well over a year since his owner has passed away. When he was at his deathbed, Wiggles faithfully stayed beside him all the time. After his death, the loyal dog didn’t leave the room for a whole month. He had to be carried outside for bathroom at that time.

But after that, Wiggles found solace inside his late owners’ truck. They used to go out together in this truck, the truck was used to move around cars in an impound lot. Whenever the dog gets the chance he gets into the car and sits on the driver’s seat. The truck is still used a few times every day, and Wiggles accompanies the drivers every time. If no one is in the truck he will go to the driver’s door and bark until someone lets him in.

Wiggles appears to find comfort sleeping in the driver’s seat and is upset when he gets taken out. This faithful dog has been doing this for over a year… it’s clear that he misses his owner… but his dedication made him win everyone’s heart.

There’s a reason why dogs are a man’s best friend… this is another proof of that. Such devotion is so heartbreaking, but beautiful at the same time. We sure hope that this dog finally find some closure and move on with his life.

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