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Dog Regularly Rides Bus To Visit Dog Park… All By Himself! This Is AMAZING!


We know we can teach our dogs complex tricks and make them do stuffs far beyond their normal capabilities. But what this dog does is something nobody even imagined in their wildest dreams! “Eclipse”, the 2 year old black Labrador mix from Seattle, Washington, regularly rides the public bus in order to get to the dog park… and he does that all alone! Watch his amazing journey in the video below…

When his owner is late or not in a mood, the smart dog hops in on the bus all by himself and gets off at the right stoppage near the dog park. When he has had enough fun for one day, he returns home all by himself by riding the bus again and getting off at the bus stop near his house. Regular riders know Eclipse very well and he’s pampered by all of them. Well, its obvious that Eclipse is the most beloved canine commuter in Seattle!

Isn’t it amazing how this dog figured out how the bus works and regularly rides to dog park solo? If this story surprised you then don’t forget to SHARE this with all your friends and family in Facebook!

And let us know what is the smartest thing your dog has ever done… leave your comments, let’s see who has the smartest dog of all!

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Video Source: YouTube Channel of ABC News

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