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Driver Pulls Over After Seeing Dog Scratching And Crying At A Box, What They Found Inside Made Their Heart Drop

Like anybody, we hate hearing stories about animal abuse, neglect, and cruelty. This is why we focus on stories with happy endings that show the joy of rescue and adoption.

This story begins with heartache, but because of a good Samaritan, this story has a happy ending. This good Samaritan was driving to work one day when something caught their attention. They pulled over on a road near Boonville, Missouri. It was a dog scratching and pawing at a cardboard box.

When they picked up the box, inside were 4 little puppies. The dog pawing the box was their mother, trying to free them without success.

The box was long and thin, with the puppies crammed in. They had no food or water, but fortunately being closed in together kept them warm from the cold.

The driver contacted Midwest Animal ResQ, and the puppies were taken to a medical center. If it wasn’t for this attentive person, these poor puppies might not have lasted much longer.

Fortunately, they are all doing much better now. Midwest Animal ResQ says:  “They have scabies, worms, and will need daily meds, and weekly injections, but otherwise are doing well!”

It is unknown who would do something like to the puppies and the mother. It completely breaks our hearts to think of what these dogs went through.

If you want to follow up with these little guys, go to Midwest Animal ResQ for more info.

We are very grateful to this rescuer for saving these little puppies and their mother. Thanks to them, this story had a happy ending.

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