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These Golden Retriever Puppies Were Expecting Their Morning Bath…But What They Found Instead Made Them…


This is the video about a 5-week old gang of Golden Retriever puppies who happen to be angry at certain someone for not filling in their pool! Every morning the favorite thing of all these golden retriever puppies is to run out of the house into their pool. But this time they found it empty! They became confused and couldn’t understand why their pool didn’t have water like it usually does. The swimming pool was actually emptied for cleaning. But the puppies were mad nonetheless; see how these cute puppies throw a tantrum in the video below…

See how cute they are? Trying to figure out where all the water had gone! Well, the pool was promptly filled and the puppies were happy campers again if you were wondering what happened next.

This video just makes me want to adopt a little golden retriever… what do you think? Would you adopt such a cute little bundle of joy? Let us know in the comments section!

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Video Source: YouTube channel of Heritage Goldens

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