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Guide Dog Saves Blind Owner Twice in a Single Night

Guide dogs perform an important service in our society: leading the blind. For people lucky enough to receive a service dog, they will be closer than friends or family, they become an extension of themselves.

Christina Colon and her dog Yolanda are such a pair.

Yolanda is always by Christina’s side, even while sleeping. One night she was woken up by Yolanda growling, very unusual for her.

Christina heard two men downstairs. She was being burgled. Yolanda had closed the bedroom door and run downstairs to chase the two men out of her house. The men left.

Before they had left, they had turned on the stove and the house was filling with gas. Christina was barely able to call the police. “Please, I can’t breathe.”

To her surprise, the police were already at her door.

Christina has a specially designed phone for people with service dogs. Yolanda was smart enough to know Christina was in danger and pressed the emergency button.

“For you maybe she’s a hero. But for me she’s an angel,” Christina tells NBC.

Source: NBC

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