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When I Heard This Husky Sing With An iPad, I Fell In Love With Her!

D17 An Amazing Husky-Dog Singing Like Human

Dogs love to howl, some more than others. But Siberian huskies are too fond of music and love to sing along! When they are exposed to a music, they try to imitate that tone with their howling… So, Mishka the Siberian Husky does the same thing! See the video below how this talented husky sings with an iPad… amazing!

I immediately fell in love with this talented husky as soon as I heard him sing! This was unbelievable for me until I watched this video and saw how this husky sings like a pro! He listens to the music from the iPad at first very carefully and retains the information in memory. As we all know dogs’ memory is just like an elephant… They can remember lots of things for a long period of time. As for music, they enjoy it and try to imitate the tone unison when the music is played. But this husky took it to a whole new level and proved that he can sing like a BOSS!!!!

There must be lots of other dogs out there that can sing, Have you come across any? Do let us know! And what do you think of Mishka’s singing? Leave your comments below. Let us know what you think!

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Video courtesy: YouTube channel of gardea23