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Watch What Happens When This Corgi Dog Sniffs This Puppies Hind End… CLASSIC!


Dogs have this weird tendency of sniffing each other’s hind ends. This sometimes arises awkward situations for us, the dog owners, when our pets do this weird act in front of guests and strangers. But this dog owner decided to capture this moment on video… so she introduced Mac the Corgi with his new little sister Lacie… how the corgi reacts in the end to the puppy butt is just CLASSIC! Watch the video below…

Hahah, I almost fell down laughing at this! These two were playing and then suddenly the little pup turns around and BAM! The look on the poor Corgi’s face in the end is downright hilarious! As if he was asking, “Tell me she did not just do that to my face!” My dogs fart all the time… its gross to be honest… but if they’re giving a look like this every time, then I don’t mind them doing it at all!

So, what does your dog do when encountered with smaller puppies? Do they try and play with them? Or the puppy gets the upper hand just like the one in this video? Do let us know… leave a comment down below!

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Video Source: YouTube

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