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Man Rescues Motionless Dog From the Middle of the Road. Watch What Happens Next.

You are driving along and see a motionless dog in the middle of the road. Do you stop? Or keep driving, assuming it is too late?

David Loop was put in this situation. He saves animals for a living, so when he saw a motionless white dog on his dashcam, he couldn’t just leave it there. He thought she was dead, but we wanted to move her body off the road so she wouldn’t get hit anymore. He moved her to the side of the road, and said a prayer for the little dog. As he turned to walk back to his car, the dog blinked. He could not believe it.

David ran back to his car to grab some blankets. He needed to get this little dog to the hospital as quickly as he could.

As he rushed to the hospital, knowing she probably wouldn’t make it, he had one thought. To get this dog out of it’s misery.

It turns out, the doctors didn’t want to put her down, they thought she had a fighting chance. David named the dog Miracle.

Miracle was in a coma. Thing were not looking good. But Miracle surprised everybody. Watch the full story below.

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