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Meet The Friendliest Stray Dog Of All Time! But What He Did In The End Was So Unexpected!


So many dogs live in the streets due to not having an owner and a place to stay. These stray dogs are mostly afraid or aggressive towards humans, and we can’t blame them… they have lived their whole life being mistreated, it’s natural for them to be afraid of human interactions. But this stray dog in Ukraine will steal your heart with his friendliness! He is just soo friendly and adorable! But what he does at the end of the video surprised me! Watch what he does in the video below…

The dog was so friendly! He loves to do handshakes! Seems, he used to be a pet dog but somehow got lost. Now living in a gas station, this dog is recognized by all the employees and regular customers! They call him White and even bring treats for him! I was a bit surprised to see him go away after he got the food in this video… but then I realized, the poor dog had to go and find a safe place to eat… other dogs might snatch his foods away. The world of stray dogs can be very cruel, its good to see kind people trying to help these unfortunate dogs.

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Video Source: YouTube

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