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Naughty Dog Makes A Guilty Face After Getting Caught… Awwww… This Is Just TOO CUTE!

D2 Watch How A Dog Makes Cute Face After He Admits His Guilt (1)

At times dogs can be a bit naughty and pampered. Sometimes they do something that we don’t like. So we decide to discipline them… But we give in soon as we love them very much. How can we stay angry if they start making that cute guilty face! This video is about a naughty dog who ate up all the cat treats while his master was gone. When questioned about his activities, the cute dog makes a guilty face no one can resist! Watch the cute video below…

When the master returned home, he found out something fishy. Then he interrogated two of his suspect-dogs and got confirmed which one did this. He found out that one of his dogs got into the kitty cat treat and emptied the whole pack. In the video, the dog looks even more attractive while getting interrogated. Somehow the dog knows it very well that he has done something wrong. As the master was rebuking him, he looked so sorry and he was ashamed of it. He could not look at his master. I couldn’t help but laugh after reading all those captions on the video… It was soo funny!

But it works though… His guilty-face melts the master’s heart… After all, they are our best friends! It’s simply not possible to hold a grudge against these cuties!

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Video courtesy: YouTube

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