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Neighbors Were Scared Of This Dog Until He Saved A Life – Simply Amazing!

Dog owners know how precious their dogs are. They are our best friends, they look after us, protect us, play with us… and even save us from life threatening dangers. Vietnam War Veteran Billy Collins can surely vouch for that in the video below. His 10 year old Boxer-Pitbull mix pet dog “Chance” with hip dysplasia , saved his life this summer… and the way he did it will AMAZE you! Watch the full video below for the full story…

When Chance saw his master fall down on the floor and started bleeding profusely, he tried waking him up… but Billy was out cold! So, Chance opened the screen door with his paw, and jumped the high chain link fence even though he had hip dysplasia, then started to bark incessantly at the neighbors door. Thankfully, they were there and they knew something was wrong.

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