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One Simple Thing Brought This Blind Dog Out Of A Deep Depression… WOW!


When Andrea Smoak noticed that her beloved dog… Tiger – the blind Yorkshire Terrier was depressed, she was searching for a way to make the poor dog happy again. After her husband was deployed to Afghanistan, Tiger got more depressed and even stopped barking! This went on for 2 long months but then Andrea came across a device that changed everything!

Muffin’s Halo is a device that helps blind dogs move around, it acts like a walking cane for blind dogs… helping protect them if they bump into an object and giving them confidence to explore. As soon as Andrea heard of the unique device she got Tiger one… and whoa! After 2 months he barked… he started playing and his attitude took a complete 180 degree turn! Watch how this device changed the life of this dog in the video below…

Andrea was so happy to finally see her dog getting out of depression, She says, “I cried, since my husband’s departure to Afghanistan I hadn’t heard Tiger’s voice in 2 months. Muffin’s Halo made him so happy. He found his toy [and] brought it to me so we could play. This is rare since he lost his sight. He loves it! The pure joy I received when I heard him bark was priceless!”

It warms my heart to see such wonderful devices being made to help dogs with disabilities. If you want to know more about what this device is and how this helps blind dogs, make sure you visit the website of Muffin’s Halo.

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