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This Puppy And His Dad Argue About Waking Up – So CUTE!

Puppies just have a mind of their own.  Just like humans, they don’t like to get out of bed when they are tired.  Such is the case with this cute little (for no) Great Dane pup.  His Dad owns a bagel shop and has to wake up at 3:30am each morning and little ‘Thor’ just doesn’t want to get get up.  In fact in the video you can hear Thor pretty much talking and complaining just as if he was a little kid.  So cute!  You can almost hear him talking for real…

This just goes to show you that our dogs are just as smart as us…in fact probably smarter sometimes!  Have you ever had experience with a sleeping dog that just didn’t want to get up?  We would love to hear about it.  Just comment below.

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Source: Youtube

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