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Rescue Dog Experiences a Bed for the First Time and her Reaction is Heartwarming!

I can never get enough videos of rescue dogs. It is so inspiring to see these dogs FINALLY get the love and the homes they deserve. When a dog gets to use a bed for the very first time? Magical.

It’s awful to think that so many dogs are mistreated and abused every year; every day! We will never understand it. With all that heartbreak out there, it is nice to see some dogs get a happy ending. Especially when it is caught on camera.

Expect to have your heart explode with happiness when you see this video. You will see 7 year old Millie get to experience a new bed for the first time. We hope all dogs get to experience this kind of happiness.

Millie has just been rescued, and even at 7 years old she has never had a bed before! This video shows her reaction.

I love hearing the owner laughing in the background, because you can’t help but laugh too! Millie is so happy she doesn’t know what to do with herself.

Source: Rescue Dog Experiences A Bed For The First Time by staffoja

Can you even stand it? We are so happy that Millie was rescued and can be in a safe home. Rescue dogs are  always so grateful, and she is proof of that.

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