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Shelter Dog Moves into New Home and is So Excited When She Discovers What is in the Backyard

When a dog finally gets adopted from a shelter, it’s hard to imagine what is going through their minds. It must be such a relief to be out of a kennel, find someone who loves you, and to move into a nice home.

For some adopted dogs, they have never seen grass, or been outside to play. So when they finally have a yard, their reaction is just so precious. If you ever moved into a new house as a kid, it’s that same desire to go exploring in your new surrounding.

For a shelter dog, especially one that was abused or has never experienced life outside of a shelter, something as simple as a yard can send them into a tailspin. Literally, their tails will be out of control. This is what happened with a dog named Christy.

Christy is a West Highland Terrier, and she was recently able to experience this incredible feeling. Her backyard even came with a treat that most humans don’t have the luxury of owning.

Christy’s reaction is so adorable, and we are so glad her owners were able to catch the whole thing on film. She went from shelter dog to spoiled dog! Christy was adopted by a wonderful family in Florida. As you know, Florida gets very warm in the summer months and many residents need a way to cool off. We are talking about an awesome, amazing, swimming pool!

The  newly adopted dog notices the pool, and goes into a frenzy! It’s insanely cute, Christy is unable to contain her excitement. Completely freaking out.

shelter dog

Her owners make her wait patiently, she needs to learn her manners after all. It was a great opportunity for Christy’s first training session. She is very patient in waiting for the door to open.

But when that door opens, oh boy. Let’s just say it’s one of the funniest videos we’ve ever seen. You may have seen excited dogs before, but wait until you see Christy.

Any dog lover will enjoy the video below. It’s hard not to smile when you see a dog so happy! The fact that she used to be in a shelter but now is so joyful warms my heart.

Christy’s excitement over something as simple as a swimming pool is definitely a mood booster. Watch this adorable video, but don’t keep it to yourself! Share on facebook if you love this dog.

Source: Eager Pup Really Wants To Jump Into The Pool by BrianFreeman

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