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This Stray Dog Followed A Man for 430 Miles And Then Something Amazing Happened!

Meet Arthur, The Stray Dog who has been the focus of worldwide news in the last few weeks and won millions of hearts with his wonderful display of loyalty. The video on the next page tells you the story of how he managed to follow a man through 430 miles of wilderness in the Amazon rain forest!

A Swedish Extreme Sports Team participated on The Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador where the team captain Mikael Lindnord fed this stray dog some meatballs as an act of kindness. But who knew the dog would immediately accept Mikael as his master and start following him everywhere! Through high mountains, long strenuous jungle hikes, through piles of knee-high mud and even through a wild river, the stray dog, now named Arthur, never left his side. The video on the next page tells Arthur’s amazing…

36 replies on “This Stray Dog Followed A Man for 430 Miles And Then Something Amazing Happened!”

Well, I just cried my eyes out. So beautiful. They were meant to find each other. I am so thankful this man has love and compassion for animals. They are both lucky.

We often don’t adopt dogs–they choose us. Lovely story–and of course, I would adopt any dog that chose me. I did adopt one who followed me a couple of blocks after I took a driver’s test. I took her back to the test place, thinking she belonged to someone, but found she had been dropped off five days before. I had 2 dogs, didn’t need three, but kept her and despite obviously being abused and fearful, she turned out to be one of the best dogs I ever had.

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