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This Dog totally FAKES an injury and amazes everyone.


Sometimes we see unfortunate dogs who lose their legs in accidents. And if it’s a stray dog then it will be really difficult for the dog to survive on his own with this kind of severe handicap. In this video we see a stray dog in Thailand, barely being able to walk only using his forelegs. But 14 seconds into the video, what the dog does totally surprised me! Watch the video below to find out why…

The dog totally caught you off guard, didn’t he? Don’t worry, all the people who have seen the video were equally perplexed after watching it! It seems, the dog was actually pretending to be handicapped! Why was he doing that is what I can’t figure out. People have been doing this for so long, I guess dogs have also caught on the act!

And this is what other people on YouTube think of this video:

“That dog is a con artist…..”

“It’s amazing how subtle something can be yet you gather so much from it. “Oh God here comes that dang trolling dog again” ” last time I gave it everything I had in my stand” ” yeah I hear you, it got me too” ” Just pretend you don’t see him and he might go away” Trolling Dog: “Oh Shoot! they’ve figured me out, Time to work another corner””

“Shhh I almost cried seriously!”

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Video Source: YouTube

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