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Watch This Little Chihuahua Play…Like a BOSS!

Chihuahuas are amazing, aren’t they! Smallest dog breed ever with cuteness dripping off every part of their body! This video below shows you just how CUTE and AWESOME a baby Chihuahua can be! Watching them play just made my day!

Aren’t they amazing and cute as hell? Yet, they come with a rather dominant attitude! Even the little pups act as if they were the Alpha Males of the house and can give the big dogs a run for their money! 45 seconds into the video you see the 9 week old Chihuahua driving the other big dog away… Like a BOSS!

This cute video of these adorable little Chihuahuas can convince anyone to adopt one! Maybe I myself will get my other dogs a new Chihuahua companion! Do you think that would be a good idea?

Please post your comments about your experience with Chihuahuas.

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Source Video: Youtube User – Bridget Williams


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